Friday, November 19, 2010

Independent Wedding Association=love.

I recently was blessed to join a wedding association.
Not just isn't just any association. It's one that stands for quality, excellent value, and amazing service. 3 things that I aim to follow in my own business. How amazing to be a part of an Association that has the same basis that I follow.
The Independent Wedding Association had a wedding fair last Sunday and I was excited to be a part. This wasn't any kind of wedding fair I've ever seen. It was laid back, personalized, and FUN! There was food, drink, and a real wedding for guests-along with instructive panels and a dance class. Seriously? It was nothing short of amazing.
Here are a few pictures to show you it's fabulous-ness.

The fair was held at the Varsity Theatre. I am in love with this venue.
A portion of my table. I decided to use some wonderful comments that my clients have left me and place it on a fun chalkboard.
I loved Sweets table!
All the vendors who participated in the fair!

If your bumming right now that you missed it, don't despair. The IWA is hosting another fair on Saturday, February 5th at the Campus Club. Stay on the lookout for ticket information because you do NOT want to miss out.

Happy weekend!

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