Thursday, November 11, 2010

I choose.

I have started and stopped writing this blog entry for days. I don't know why exactly, but blog writing is like the face of truth to me. It's when I get real and at times, vulnerable.
One of my reasons for keeping a blog is to let my clients know who I am. I feel like that's really important when your hiring someone. And in my profession, you want to know that you can trust that person so completely. How do you get to that point?
Well, relationship, obviously.
I'm big on relationships. My hope is that, that is what sets me apart in this profession. I desire to know who you are. I want to be friends after the wedding comes to a close. A cup of coffee after the honeymoon and unpacking all gifts? yes, please.
It's easy to get sucked into this industry and feel-well...defeated. At least it is for me. I beat myself up if I didn't book as many weddings as so-in-so.
When I get to that place, I have to stop. Stop my mind from going all over the place and ask myself some simple questions. Why are you doing this? Is it to book X amount of weddings a year?
And obviously, it's not.
When I started this business, I didn't want to book a lot of wedding, on purpose. I want to give each of my clients the very best that I can give and if I'm spreading myself to thin, that shows. I also started this business because this is my passion. My heart is to bless couples with a wedding that their heart dreams of. I also happen to have the traits of a leader, organizer, and creative thinker, so it's like truly the best job I could be in.
So, this is me. I choose to not beat myself up. I choose to put God first and let Him lead my steps. I choose to play with my kids and not worry if I have a wedding in July or not.
Because I know my steps are ordered and this business is my gift from the Lord. With that, I know that it will continue to grow and blossom.

I choose to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Photo by Dominique Nelson at a recent wedding. More to come on this backyard wedding next week!