Thursday, August 19, 2010

creative thursday turns personal.

Like most children, summer days were my favorite as a child. Really, what can be better than playing with your best friend-who happened to be your next door neighbor-all day?
pretty much nothing.
We made up imaginary games, played tag, and dug in the dirt. It's quite possible I was a tom-boy as a child. I'm convinced my short hairs had everything to do with that.
My parents had little money and their solution to saving money? Cutting my hair at home. It was the obvious solution.
Only my mom was not gifted with this talent.
I'm quite certain some cuts she literally placed a bowl on my head and cut around it. I joke not, Internet friends. That is simply how she rolled. I came out looking like the bottom of a mop or worse-a boy. It was not a pretty sight.
It's fond memories like this that is embedded in my heart as I grow older and watch my children grow. What will they carry with them and remember with a smile when they are adults?
The summer is fleeting away from us, and every day I am trying to live it to the fullest. My blog has been suffering for this, but it's my give and take. I'm taking a bit of my free time to invest into my family before summer rays turns into delightful crisp autumn air.
Creative Thursday will resume next week.
Happy Thursday, friends!

Gretchen and I at our fav restaurant.


  1. oh my goodness. my mom used to get pretty carried away with scissors as well resulting in many teary eyed "hair cuts" and recuts to fix the first "hair cut". yikes!

    enjoy the rest of your summer with the kidlets! they'll be back in school before we know it! ♥