Thursday, August 26, 2010

creative thursday:: it's all in the details.

When I sit down with new clients, my desire is to hear their hearts. What makes them unique? What sets who they are apart from everyone else and how can we incorporate that into their wedding day?
Because to me, that's what takes a wedding from great to unforgettable.
Sometimes the details are forgotten with weddings and I see the details as one of the most important elements to a wedding day.
I have been to weddings {note:been too-not planned}, where they've got the music, they've the hall, the church, the cake-and it's a nice wedding. But in a year, I can't remember much about it. While it was nice, it didn't make an impression on me. How was their wedding different from anyone else's wedding?
What I see is taking elements from you, the couple, and entwine that into your day.
Here's a real example:
I had a couple who loved the outdoors. They were very green friendly, and loved to hike and walk. This is what we did to set their wedding apart to make it their own.
The ceremony & reception were outside. {Note: don't be afraid to plan a wedding outdoors. I know we live in the Midwest and the weather is so unpredictable, but if that's what you want-do it. There can always be a rain plan in place.} We used flower seeds as favors and natural elements for decor, such as tree branches for guests to write down & hang up a love note on a branch, and also branches in vases as centerpieces. For a dinner menu we arched the menu into a piece of bark and the color palette was green with a punch of purple. {I love punches of color to sprinkle throughout the day. Have a main color but punch it up! Make that color palette yours - own it!} The cake had branches that entwined into the layers and everything was very green friendly.
It is never my objective to stray you from your vision but merely to guide and infuse new ideas as they fit. When I step back and see my couple shining with delight,while the day infuses whothey are, I am filled with happiness.
Because in that moment I know I have helped you achieve the day your heart longed for.



  1. simply put....BEAUTIFUL. thanks for posting this. it is so true and your gift tells me that when i get married again, i will pray you are around to help me with the plans. love ya and miss ya, miss linda