Thursday, May 5, 2011

short hair & ugly sweaters.

Sometimes random fb status' bring back memories. It happened to me this morning.
I was shot back in time as an 8 year old with short, boy-like hairs and ugly pink sweaters that were too small. My brother was beyond slow in the morning hours and I remember my mom trying to hustle him out the door--always late. Of course my sister, the eldest, and always responsible one, was already waiting at the bus stop as the bus emerged from around the corner. Not us, no. We would come flailing out the door, running at top speed for the bus. To this, my sister rolled her eyes and said to the bus driver "they're coming" which he would roll his eyes as well.
He disliked us.
It's sweet memories like this that make my heart smile. Memories with my siblings are so sweet when you are older. When I was young, well, a different story!
I pray daily that my children will hold these sweet memories in their hearts as they grow into young people. When the girls' fight, I remind them that one day they will be best friends.

Me, my sister {the eldest} and my brother.
Us today! {Plus my little brother!}
The three of us girls today!
On another turn, my first wedding of the season is tomorrow so I am gearing up and excited! Have a beautiful weekend, friends~

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