Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sometimes there is an instant connection and you just know.
Know that that person gets it. Know that that person will be a friend always.
That is what it felt like when I first sat down with Kate this past spring. I felt like I could've chatted with her for hours and hours about nothing and everything. Her spunk for life mixed with an infectious personality made me love her from the get-go. When she hired me, I leapt for joy. I may or may not have done the splits in sheer delight. ;)
Than I met Dave and my heart melted even more.Watching the two of them together, I just knew.
They completed one another.
This Saturday is their wedding and also happens to be my wedding anniversary. I wouldn't share this day with just anyone. I'm ecstatic to share October 16th with such an amazing couple.

K&D- I am truly blessed by you two and honored to be a part in this amazing day.


I know- the cuteness is crazy amazing!

Photos by the AMAZING Biff Ulm of Vada Photography

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