Thursday, September 16, 2010

creative thursday :: it's all about fall.

What is it about fall?
All I want to do is drink pumpkin lattes, wear boots, sip on pumpkin shakes and light candles-all day.
There is something so cozy and crisp about it that makes me want to delight in it all.year.round.
and completely ignore what season comes after fall.
cause that season?
I despise it.
I got married in the fall and am in agreement with all you fellow fall brides-it is thee perfect season to be wed in. Kudos to us for being so fall wedding fabulous. :D
SO-here is my Thursday wed inspiration for all the fall brides-your decor doesn't have to be in fall colors or involve harvest decor. In fact, it's a bit trendy. When thinking about your decor and colors, don't base it only on the season but also on who you are.

my breath smells of pumpkin
and yours?


  1. Toooooootally guilty of having one {or four} of those little {grande} lattes this week. Totally guilty. :)

    and i agree, fall weddings = ♥. Gorgeousness!

  2. well, than it is decided on kate. when we meet, we shall indulge in pumpkin greatness. :))

  3. You are so fun Lizzie, I wish I could share a sip of your pumpkin favorite this fall. Miss you.